Truffe de Ventadour

Ventadour originates from Correze, a part of the Limousin, which lays claim to 5000km of river, including the Correze itself. The unadulterated countryside of this real rural idyll allows famers such as Xavier Cornet to indulge a passion for cheesemaking; he established his well-respected dairy in 1977.
Region: Correze, Limousin
Milk: Goat
Seasons: Spring, Summar, Fall
Classification: Aged fresh
Weight and Shape: 140g, round

Tasting Notes:

The taste of this goat’s cheese changes according to its age: it can be very sweet or spicy but is always full of subtle flavours, with a delicate hint of goat.

How to enjoy:

Eat with a white Loire wine, such as Sancerre.


White wine:
Red Wine:
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