One of the great cheese of France, Saint-Nectaire is made with milk from Salers cows that graze the rich and perfumed volcanic pastures of the uplands of the Auvergne region. The traditional methods of production have been AOC protected since 1955.
Region: Auvergne
Milk: Cow
Seasons: Spring, Summar, Fall
Classification: Semi Soft
Weight and Shape: 1.5Kg, wheel

Tasting Notes:

At maturity, the thick rind gives off a subtle, slightly pungent aroma of straw and mushrooms, while the paste should have a pronounced taste of nuts, milk and lush pastures.

How to enjoy:

Eat on its own with crusty bread and any light fruit wines, especially Côtes d’Auvergne and Côtes Roannaises.


White wine:
Red Wine: Côtes d’Auvergne (cépage: Gamay Noir)
Sources: The World Cheese Book (Editor-In-Chief: Juliet Harbutt)
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