Saint-Florentin, a town near the famous wine area of Chablis is also located in the heart of one of France’s great dairy regions. The traditional-style cheeses, with their reddish-brown crusts, are now quite rare, having been replaced by paler factory-made cheeses that are sold when very young.
Region: Bourgogne
Milk: Cow
Classification: Semi Soft
Weight and Shape: 450g (1lb), round

Tasting Notes:

The smooth, shiny rind has a strong penetrating aroma, while the supple interior has a fresh, slightly salty flavour and can be quite spicy.

How to enjoy:

It makes a delicious addition to a fresh salad, and is best served with a robust Burgundy.

Eric’s Recommendation:┬áDry white wine or light red (Pinot Noir from Burgundy); honey, jam, desserts, salad, bread or white crackers


White wine:
Red Wine:
Sources: The World Cheese Book (Editor-In-Chief: Juliet Harbutt)
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