Munster is an ancient, washed-rind cheese of monastic origin that dates back to the Middle Ages. It is also known as Gerome when made in the Lorraine region. Its AOC status was established in 1969.
Region: Alsace and Lorraine
Milk: Cow
Seasons: Spring, Fall, Winter
Classification: Semi Soft
Weight and Shape: 280g – 1.5kg (10oz – 3lb 3oz), round

Tasting Notes:

When properly matured, it has a strong penetrating smell and the flavour of rich milk. There is also a version available that comes ready flavoured with cumin.

How to enjoy:

Eat this like a local: serve it with cumin on boiled potatoes. Pair a young cheese with Gewurztramine, and an older one with very full-bodied reds like Cote-Rotie or Haut-Medoc.

Eric’s Recommendation: Great with potatoes, salad, chopped onions. Ideal with a dry white (Gewürztraminer) or heavy red wine; good with Belgium or German beer


White wine: Riesling (Riesling grape)
Red Wine:  –
Sources: The World Cheese Book (Editor-In-Chief: Juliet Harbutt)
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