Bonde de Gâtine

Produced in the marshy Gâtine area of Poitou, the Bonde de Gâtine is a high-quality fermier goat’s cheese that requires two litres of milk to make just one 400g (14oz) cheese. It has a think wrinkled rind, which is dusted with blue, grey, and white moulds.
Region: Gâtine, Poitou-Charentes
Milk: Goat
Seasons: Spring, Summar, Fall
Classification: Aged fresh
Weight and Shape: 400g (14oz), drum

Tasting Notes:

The paste has a pronounced acidity and saltiness which melts in the mouth, leaving behind it a rich aftertaste.

How to enjoy:

Team with a dry and fruity wine, such as a Sancerre Blanc, which complements the creamy, acid, and fruity flavours.


White wine:
Red Wine:
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