Exclusive: Maison Sacourtade Chocolate

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Maison Sacourtade (Sacourtade House) is a small craft chocolate factory located in the south-west of France, specialized in high-quality products, 100% organic and natural, while applying ethic and fare trade values. The cocoa beans are carefully collected in Africa and Brazil, then the chocolate is handmaded in France with traditional


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Saucisson is the french style dried ham. It’s pretty similar to salami. It is usualy made with two thirds of meat, n one third of fat. Then it is chopped, mixted n cured with salt, sugar, local spices, fermenting bacteria, etc. It often comes from Auvergne, center of France (famous for blue

Truffle Brie – Christmas Special!

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About Truffle Cheese – Duo de Brie: The Truffle Brie is a decadent combination of French Duo de Brie cheese sandwiching fresh Winter Black Truffles in the centre. Tasting Notes: The combination of a delicate yet powerful in season Winter truffle married with the creamy, nutty Brie, delivers a delightful

Valençay, a truncated pyramid

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Valençay cheese used to have a shape of perfect pyramid with a pointed top. But when Napoleon returned to the castle of Valencay after his unsuccessful expedition in Egypt, he saw the cheese, in a fit of rage drew his sword and cut of the top of cheese. Since then

Oysters arrival!

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生蠔由每年10月至4月最當造, 入完今批生蠔, 就要等到10月先再返貨喇! 快D把握機會再嚟食多轉生蠔啦!

Ham Slicing Class

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Fresh Gourmet proudly presents a mouth-watering experience of ham slicing class. Ham lovers would always love to know more about the secrets of ham slicing regarding the ultimate standard of size, thickness, shapes, most importantly the slicing steps and technique. It is our pleasure to invite Ham Slicer Master, Fran Alonso to our shop

Easter Wine Bag!

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現凡到Fresh Gourmet購買任何酒類貨品(紅酒/白酒/汽酒)2支,即送你可愛復活兔酒袋一個!數量有限,送完即止!

BEURRE DE BARATTE – The real taste or nothing

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The real taste or nothing Lionel Plaquette is the 6th generation making butter. Probably the oldest in Europe… Our butters and dairy products have been awarded time and time again (Salon de l’Agriculture, International contest ITQI). And there is a very simple reason for it: Our artisan butters and dairy